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The Lion, the Lotus, and the Snake

Being of a deeply spiritual being I felt that my professional presence should share some of the vision and mysticism of my art and life. Animals of both myth and reality are filled with magic and spiritual energy that can represent many things to different individuals. For me, there are a hand full of creatures that have been of great spiritual importance to me for many years. Each of these aspects is represented in my art and logo – The Lotus, The Lion, and The Snake.

The Lotus (Padma) represents non-attachment, divine beauty, purity, spiritual expansion, chakras, and grace. The Lotus is revered and seen as sacred in many Asian cultures for these reasons.

The Lion is actually a Sarabham or Vyalam (Yali), a mythic lion of Hindu origins often seen in carvings on temple pillars. The Sarabham is a guardian, protecting entry into temples as well as paths leading to temples. It is stronger than both a normal lion and even an elephant, and was once a form of the god Siva in Saivan texts.

The Snake (Naga) represents transformation, knowledge, wisdom, self-renewal, freedom, and positive changes. The white coloration represents purity, spirituality, spiritual insight, and experience. The White Snake is often seen as a very strong and good energy force to be associated with in life.

These three aspects represent a part of my spirituality and inner being that comes through in both art and life, dreams and waking. Together they are a powerful trinity in which I’ve started a new journey of growth, learning, and acceptance of self.